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Why Do I Need A Home Energy Audit

To Save Money.To put it simply, every month you are probably throwing away money on your utility bills that you don't have to. After your home energy audit, we provide you with a personalized WiseChoise Energy Audit Report. This report lists all problem areas in your home and offers our professional recommendations to improve each of the problem areas. From this report, you can decide which home improvements will provide you with the greatest amount of savings, and are most cost-effective for you.

To Take Advantage of Rebates and Tax Credits. There has never been a better time to upgrade your home. Some credits and incentives are already in place.

To Increase Your Home's Value. By implementing energy efficient improvements, your home instantly becomes a value-added property in the eyes of prospective buyers. With today's rising energy costs, having an energy efficient home could be the difference between choosing your home over another.    

To Make the Right Choice Involving Home Improvements. Before spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on home improvements, a home energy audit can show you exactly where your home improvement dollars would be best spent.

To Increase Your Home’s Comfort Level – If certain areas of your home are cold, drafty or persistently uncomfortable a home energy audit can pinpoint exactly where those air leaks are coming from. 

To Help Make a Difference. The less energy we use, the less coal and natural gas we have to burn to make it. Becoming more energy efficient means less dependence on foreign energy sources.